A Guide to Eco-Friendly Sex Toys: How to Inform if Your Sex Plaything is Sustainable

COPIED!Love not Battle was substantiated of a need to make environment-friendly vibes that benefit both you and also the earth.

From the sustainable materials, right to the FSC product packaging, we are leading the charge in the eco-friendly sex toy world, yet many other brand names are still sluggish to change and also it can be hard to tell if your sex plaything is even body-safe let alone earth secure.

So how can you tell if your sex plaything is environment-friendly?

Accept plastic-free toys

When making environment-friendly options, the materials you acquire matter. Are they made from plastic? Can you recycle the product when you have finished with it? Will the product last lengthy? What is the carbon impact of the item? These same considerations should be used when choosing a vibe or sex plaything.

With glass, silicone, timber, as well as metal sex toys becoming increasingly more preferred, there are extra selections for lasting sex toys

At JUNTAME.US we have actually embraced plastic-free, with each of our vibrators being crafted out of body-safe FDA-graded silicone as well as recycled aluminium.

Embracing plastic-free should not just be limited to your vibe either, one more consideration ought to be the type of product packaging that your sex playthings been available in. Is it wrapped in single-use plastic? Does it feature a plastic insert? Is it packed with bubble wrap or polystyrene chips (which is not recyclable or naturally degradable)? Is the packing covered in a plastic film?

At JUNTAME.US, we really did not quit at making simply sustainable sex playthings, we ensured our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible too. We make use of only natural and environment-friendly FSC approved brownish cardboard, which requires much less power and water to make. Plus, we utilize environmentally friendly soy ink for the message on the packaging and also eco-friendly glue also; seeing to it that both your clit as well as the world will thank you for utilizing our eco-friendly sex toys and also vibrators.


Since you have determined to check out a plastic-free sex life, another factor to consider is just how do you power your sex toy? For vibrators and various other non-electrical sex playthings it is a very easy, green option– it’s done in the wrist!

But for those people that appreciate the included buzz in our sex life, we need to look at what choices there are.

Several sex playthings today come with a rechargeable battery. Which on the one hand is fantastic, yet on the other hand, can be difficult to take care of if your toy breaks. Plus if you resemble us as well as like to have numerous sex toy choices for all your different moods– such as a discreet little bullet sex plaything or a clitoral vibrator, your collection of playthings as well as their batteries can begin to stack up.

At JUNTAME.US, we knew it was important to locate a service so we created a family of green vibrators that just need one electric body for the whole array. Implying you only need one battery for every one of our toys! And ought to something ever before occur to your toy we can fix it and if that’s not an alternative it makes it simpler to recycle. A simple, eco-friendly sex plaything option if you ask us!


Unfortunately, even the most effective sex toys have a life cycle! So how do you bid farewell to a trusted friend without contributing to land fill waste? If you have been following the previous steps as well as choose a sustainable option, then reusing your vibe and also sex plaything is possible.

Although it can feel humiliating taking your re-useable shoulder bag to the electrical reusing drop off point it requires to be done! (a pointer to feel less ashamed: wear a dark coat, glasses as well as phony moustache so no one will recognise you!) Prior to you do however, always examine the instructions on your packaging as they will generally tell you what parts are 100% recyclable as well as what components you require to throw in your everyday waste

If getting rid of your sex plaything makes you feel embarrassed, there are alternatives to do this without having to worry about your neighbours seeing you. We accept all of our products back to recycle, though we are certain they will certainly have a long, lengthy life!

You can also examine to see if the store you got your plaything from offers a recycling choice, like Juntame’s (where you can obtain the complete Love not Battle vibe range) Bunny Amnesty.

Together with the vibe itself, likewise bear in mind to reuse your batteries! Numerous shops and neighborhood councils themselves will gather batteries to reuse them in your place.

Study the brand name.

Ultimately, the most effective way to ensure you are getting lasting sex toys is to research the firm you are buying from.

Where do they make their green sex playthings? Do they supply a recycling option? What materials do they use? Do they have clear sustainable goals on their website or are they making steps towards minimizing their carbon impact and attempting to get to carbon net-zero?

These are all inquiries you ought to be considering to guarantee your environmentally friendly sex life is taking the ideal steps towards a greener and also ecologically mindful way of living.

At JUNTAME.US, we have our own manufacturing facility as well as power it using hydroelectric resources and also we have a values to only collaborate with brands that are sustainably concentrated.

We have actually developed a variety of premium green vibrators as well as revealed that it is possible but we are constantly attempting to improve.

Going Sustainable is a trip that you can attain on your own in all aspects of your life, both inside and also outside the room. With JUNTAME.US, we understand that our vibrators are green as well as recyclable, permitting you to take pleasure in guilt-free pleasure as you make love and not war.