It’s Cool to be a Lone Ranger: Warrior Auto Thrusting Stroker Automatic Male Masturbator Review

Here’s a little nerdy tidbit from Planned Parenthood: Everyone masturbates. From women to men to trans and genderqueer, we are not exempt from our natural urge to please ourselves.

Despite this, a lot of people think that masturbation is reserved for single people, or for the ones that choose to not have sex. Ergo, if one masturbates, then one is single.

Well, that can’t be further from the truth.

According to the same article, masturbation is for everyone regardless of your relationship status. Circling back to the point of it being a natural urge – this is driven by our curiosity to explore our own bodies and figure out what makes us feel good.

It’s a genuine occurrence, and shouldn’t be put to shame.

Why am I saying this? Because as the world grows to be more open to everything relating to sex, so are entrepreneurs. They see the people’s need for new and exciting ways to dive into sex and pleasure and develop products to fill the void.

Enter the Warrior – an automatic masturbator whose stroke game was awarded at the 2023 Xbiz Awards for Male Pleasure Product/Line of the Year.

So how does this men’s masturbating toy help satisfy their most carnal urges?

About Warrior- Automatic Masturbator

Nothing lives up to the power of the hand when it comes to stroking the penis.

But the Warrior comes in close second.

It’s an automatic masturbator made with a premium TPE sleeve and patented disassembly technology that ensures comfort, hygiene and pleasure…all the while being completely hands-free.

What does this mean? This automatic masturbator can use its seven different settings to provide you fast, deep thrusting motions so you can use both hands in whatever else that turns you on. Playing with your nipples, perhaps?

If you’ve never heard of a male stroker before, then it’s easy to assume that you stick your cock inside a smooth surface.

You’re not alone there. While most stroker toys have a soft sleeve inside, there are others who take it up a notch and add texture to provide a new and intense experience.

Like our Warrior – it has gripping beads that grab, rub and pleasure your shaft.

At first glance, it might look intimidating but I promise you, its combination of smooth and rough provides such an interesting sensation that you won’t ever get tired of feeling it!

Because that’s what happened to me one fine Saturday morning when I received this at my doorstep.

The first thing that I thought of was: How the hell am I going to use this? Won’t it hurt?

But what actually helped me overcome that initial fear was when I washed this automatic masturbator. I had the opportunity to feel the sleeve with my fingers and that’s when I realized that: Oh! It doesn’t feel so bad after all!

How to Use Automatic Masturbator

This automatic masturbator is pretty straight forward! So, I’m sure that you’ll be able to use this in no time!

First, you need to sanitize your Warrior. Take off its suction cap and use one quick twist to detach its outer shell. Once that’s out of the way, do the same thing to the inner sleeve so you can wash it on the sink.

When it’s all clean and dry, reattach the shells using a reverse twist to lock it in place before sealing it with the suction cap and it’s all ready for you to do the next step which is to wrap it around your penis.

To make sure the insertion is smooth and pain-free, Nasty Gal Blog recommends that you apply an indulgent amount of water-based lubricant around your penis and slip it carefully inside using your preferred hand.

The last, and certainly not the most boring step, is to use the two buttons to explore back and forth between the seven settings! Word to the wise: Don’t underestimate this thrusting masturbator because if you feel cocky for one second, it’ll put you back in place with how fast it makes you cum.

You think I’m kidding? One time, I used this while watching a movie on Netflix. I placed it at its lowest setting and let it be – which turned out to be a big mistake because it only took a few minutes to make me bust my entire load inside.

Imagine my surprise when it turned the tables on me!

My Experience

Needless to say that surprise experience motivated me to have a stand-off with this auto stroker.

It had me staying indoors during the weekends just to see how long I could last when using it on the living room couch or on my bed.

I tried it with and without distractions and let me tell you, you have a better chance of lasting longer if you rid yourself of other things to think about such as movies or music.

But overall, the Warrior puts up a good fight so you won’t ever be bored whenever you use it.


Does an automatic masturbator need special maintenance?

Coworking Camp says yes. Since a male masturbator is an electronic device, special attention as to how you use it, where you use and store it is needed to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. The common culprit is water so don’t let it get wet!

Another culprit is poor maintenance so make sure to clean it after every use.

How can I make sure an automatic masturbator is made with good quality materials?

Everything for Dads lays down three things to look out for:

  • Features: Make sure it has everything according to your unique needs. If you’re looking for hands-free, then look for something automatic.
  • Size: Since there are a variety, you also need to consider if you’re the type that is okay with cradling something big in your hand or not.
  • Materials: While it’s common sense, it bears reminding that the stroker, or any toy for that matter, needs to be made with body-safe materials like TPE.


Oftentimes, people will judge others for the way they seek pleasure but don’t let their uninformed opinions affect you. As long as you are enjoying the way you pleasure yourself, then that’s all that matters. So, go get an automatic masturbator if you want to and let me know what your experience is!